Thursday, October 30, 2008

Apple Juice Kid: Miles Remixed

Okayplayer regular The Apple Juice Kid apparently has the gumption to try and mess with Miles Davis, on his bedroom project Miles Remixed.

As it's a free download (available here), I wasn't expecting all that much, though as I will hopefully show, there is lots of great free music out there if you want it!

Basically the groove is decidedly lounge, with Miles riffs being looped into easily-digestible hooks and overlaid with new drum patterns and some throwaway scratching. Think Thievery Corporation's mellower tracks or the Brooklyn Funk Essentials' down tempo numbers.

I found this "pleasant" but not really attention-grabbing, as Miles Davis truly is. Great music to work to, though. If you're into a more original experiment in hip-hop/jazz fusion, check out The Roots' Organix (if you can find it, that is) or DJ Logic's Project Logic.

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