Monday, January 5, 2009


While driving up to my friend's ski cottage in New Hampshire I was listening to some local radio, 92.5 The River to be exact. So this great song comes on. It was one of those "love at first riff" songs. I'm thinking it might be Fleetwood Mac. The strong male voice with subtle female backing, strong percussion, and elegant harmony. So I reach for my iPhone and furiously try to Shazam the song, but to no avail. No results pop up. So next tactic, I look up the radio on my iPhone and call. But no one would pick up! So I jotted down the lyrics for my good ole faithful method: Google the lyrics. Turns out the tune I was so jazzed on was "Fadeaway" by the Bodeans, an old band I have never heard of before. Anyhow, great song, great band, check them out. 

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